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Not so long ago I received a large number of digital comic books (CBooks). Some of them came with several menu applications, but they all worked a little different. When I added a comic book to my collection, the existing menu's could not be used to access the added books. Later I found a menu, created by another comic book fan, which was based on HTML. It uses the default Internet browser and had an overview of the CBooks and clicking on the cover image started the CBook reader. But added CBooks were not included, which is technical possible.


Most CBooks are saved in folders to structure the collection. Ultimately the folders ends up in the CBook library folder. The HTML menu worked fine but to add books you had to know HTML coding and need time to do it. You must make a thumbnail image from the front cover of the CBook by extracting and downsizing. Then give sensible names, change the HTML code with a text processor. The changed HTML code must be correct and complete. Updating a menu took for 20 comics book almost an hour.


It is rather labor-intensive and you have to be skilled to get the result you desire. The number of comic book in my possession has become so large that adaptation of this menu system would cost more time than reading the books. An analysis of the activities showed that all steps are relatively simple to automate.


I started using CMD script language of Windows XP and after a week I had an working package, but as soon I found a bug it was a disaster to fix it..


Then I found  the AutoIt, a free available script language for Windows. After some study and experimentation I have developed an AutoIt Menumake script command which is using free available existing utilities unrar, unzip and pdftohtml to extract the images from the CBook. Hereafter I developed an image conversion and downsizing function plus an HTML code generator.


But after a short time I got too many menus that I lost the overview. I solved this by adding an overview menu. But the number of links in the overview became very large. Using javascript I have made these long overviews collapsible. A settings editor was added to ease the change of the options. This whole package works now to my satisfaction


To thank all the comic fans, which have produced all these digital scanned comic books,  I have decided to make this package available.



I hope that these comic fans can carry out their activities more efficient. This package is copyrighted but may used for free for non-commercial activities.


Bob Niewold