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Changes from version 0.8

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Versie 8.0.0 - 2009-11-01

This version is a consolidation of all the changes over time.


All code is reviewed and better structured, with emphasis on speed.

All intensive I/O operations are changed into memory read/write access.

Code is added to avoid changes in menu and cover creation.

The search algorithms are improved.

The dependency of an updated PATH environment variable is removed.

The number of commands are reduced, because the correspondent functions are automated.

The settings utility is changed accordingly.

The progress indication during execution is simplified.

The manuals are updated, but not yet completely done.


Version 8.1.0 2009-11-04

An update of the user manuals.

The foot of the error report was not updated correctly.

Some messages were not localized. This is corrected.

Reset error function extended. It tries to make a new cover after removing the .err extension and create a new error report when errors found.

Menu making speed further optimized to make it faster.

Preliminary test shows 260 books/sec building menus first time and 1200 books/sec after adding 1 book

Cover creating is around 0,7 sec per cover.