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Frequent Asked Questions


This manual is written to avoid questions. Despite this there will always be questions which are not addressed. When a user has a question which could be of interest to more users, these questions will be added to this topic with the answer.


Will my existing  HTML menu's changed by this application?
Very unlikely. The default name for for an HTML index is index.html and I have chosen for this package 'cbmenu.htm'. In case you have chosen the same name you can change this in the settings file cbMenuBuilder.ini to another name.
The above line in the file should be changed.
Will my existing cover images be replaced?
With the default setting "Allow deletion/replacement" disabled not. But when this option is enabled the cover synchronization will be active and will keep the covers synchronized with your CBooks. The name of the cover file is identical to name of the CBook file and when the modification date of A CBook is newer then the cover file a new cover image will be created.
When a CBook is moved to another location or removed the corresponding cover is deleted from that folder. A new cover will be created for a moved CBook file.