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A large number of settings in this package are stored in the cbMenuBuilder.ini file.

To make it easy for most users to change these settings the dialog as shown below was developed.



When you hover the mouse over a possible setting a short explanation is shown.


1. The language.

The package was designed to be multilingual. Only English and Dutch are implemented

During the installation is preferred language already set, but you can change it with this option.


2. Maximum size of the mini-cover

The maximum width and height can be set. The image preserves the aspect ratio and will not exceed the given maximum values.


3. Maximum number of mini of covers in one row

Not everyone has a monitor with a width of 1920 pixels or more. So you can change this number so that it normally fits on your monitor. The maximum is 10 covers on a  row. The default setting are targeted for monitor 1600 pixels wide.
The default values result in 10 covers per pages (in 2 rows of 5 columns) with a maximum of 32 tabs. The last tab contains always the rest of covers.


4. Settings collapsed menus

By changing these parameters you control when the menu are collapsible


Collapsible menus are created when it satisfies the following rules.

Menus are always collapsible for Max depth level. The default value is 1, which means that the menu's under the root folder are always collapsible.
When there are more Min # menus (default 80) and does not have more then Max # folders (default 30) becomes also collapsible


5. Select root folder

All links are based on single point of reference, the root folder. In the root folder are 1 or folder containing CBooks are other folders and the folder CSS. This folder contains the javascript programs, standard image files, and css files controlling the color, font usage and layout of the menu pages.


6. File handling

Allow adding .err - (default off) To permit the renaming of files with errors by adding the file extension name .err. During cover extraction errors are detected. When these errors are serious, the CBook will not be included in the. A simple or extensive report is created and when allowed the file is renamed by adding .err to the filename.


AllowCBR<>CBZ renaming - (default off) During the scan some files are a RAR archive but the extension is CBZ, or is a ZIP archive and has CBR as the extension name. When this setting is enabled the file  extension changed.


Extensive error error reporting - (default off) The default option is only a summary report. But when enable this option the reports contain  all the reported information provided by the by the utilities when errors are detected.


7. Other settings

Maximum label length

Limit the length of folder- and filenames in the left overview column. This will avoid a horizontal scroll bar in the left column. A  complete label can be always read using the tooltip. You can change the cutoff value with this setting.



JPG quality

The quality of  used Jpeg compression. The default 60% appears to be good compromise between quality and file size.


8. Special settings

Show splash covers - When set during the image creation an image will be shown for a short moment in the left upper corner of the screen. In this manner you can see the progress of the scanning, but this could be annoying so you can disable it here.


Allow cover deletion/replacement - The synchronization of covers is in this version redesigned. When this option is enabled, there will be always identical cover images with the CBook files. But when you have a lot of manually created covers, disabling this option avoids the deletion of existing cover images. But is to recommended to enable this option.


Optimize speed (new)- It will updates menus when the referenced files are changed.


Show first menu - (new) - Instead of link to an empty CBook page the overview will have a link to the first available CBook menu.


9. Rebuild

Rebuild all menus - (new) To improve the performance, menus are only updated when the file date of a CBook file is later/newer then the file data on the menu. When something has gone wrong or to ensure  that all files are correct when enabled recreate all menus indicated in the folder and below. After completion of the command this setting is automatically disabled.


Rebuild covers - When you change the dimension of the covers, the existing covers are not updated. When enabled all covers in the folder giver and below are recreated. This is a slow process, sSo you can perform this task at a convenient moment.  After completion of the command this setting is automatically disabled.