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Using menus

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There are 2 types menus: CBook and Overview menus.


CBook menu's


The above picture is typical for CBook menu. Each CBook is represented by its cover image and the file name above. You can start reading a CBook by clicking on its cover. Your internet browser will start your CBook reader with the selected CBook. The first it may ask for your approval.

When there are more CBooks then fits on one menu page additional tabs are present. The last tab will contain always the remainder of all CBooks, even in case they exceed the max number of covers per tab. (See settings for changing these numbers)


Overview menu


An overview menu on the left side has a list of folders containing CBooks, which are linked to CBook menus or other overview menus.


This overview can be used to navigate through your library to find the CBook series.

You can also use the overview to verify the structure of library and may be to improve it.


The structure of an overview menu


The parts of an overview:


1.This part informs the user what details are shown from CBook library. In this example the overview is limited to all CBooks in the folder 1-English.
Clicking on a link E , with the light grey background color, loads the selected overview menu. By clicking on the book icons you  can collapse or open all available menus
2.This part shows the folders under 1-English collapsed, in this example 0, A, B, C, and so on. The dark color grey is used to indicate an collapsible menu. Clicking on this bar opens or closes that menu. In this example A the details of the content folder are visible.
3.This part shows the available CBook menus and sometimes other overview menus. See part 4 for more details.
4.Hereafter a more extended example of open collapse menu.




Text with normal characters indicates a link to a CBook menu.
Text with bold characters indicated a link to an overview menu without CBooks. Depending on the settings "Show first menu" either an empty page or the first available CBook menu will be shown.
Normal text followed by indented text means that the folder and the sub folder contains CBooks. This is not a recommended structure, but it works fine.
This was used by the author to further investigate different CBooks with the same comic.