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Library managment

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A good structure of your CBooks folders results in good overview of your CBook library. This package creates overviews, but does not structure the library. For a large part this is also matter of taste.



This example uses a folder structure of 4 levels. The first level is the root Comicbooks contains sub folders 1-English and 2-Dutch (not visible) and below that folder names with the alphabet, but no CBooks. The special folder under the root css is needed for formatting the HTML pages. The lowest folders in the structure contains the CBooks and the and the sub folder covers with the covers.


Some CBook fans prefer to have a separate folder for the CBooks, which is most of the time named cbr. This convention is also supported by this package. There is no limit to the number of levels in the library.


I recommend to give the folders sensible names, because the package uses these names in the menus. Label names i.e.. JLA01, JLA02 are not so clear. Justice Leage America and the sub folders 2001, 2002 make more sense. Because the lists are alphanumeric sorted it is also wise to add some numeric ordering upfront to have series in the desired sequence.