"Comic Book" HTML menu builder package

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An application using a number of free utilities for creating HTML menus to allow better managing and easier start reading your collection of Comic Books (CBooks).

In short a Comic Book Menu Builder or Menu Maker.


The menus are created as HTML web pages by searching through your indicated folders with the CBooks.

Updating the menus is easy and quite fast.

Clicking on a cover starts your CBook reader with that CBook.

The cover images are extracted from the first page of the CBooks.

Many aspects of the menu creation and updating can be configured by the user.

Extensive navigation capabilities.

The overview menu structure is collapsible/expandable.

The package is only needed to create or update the HTML menus.

The created menus uses only your default browser.

The footprint for each menu item of a CBook is small (approx. 14 kb).

Extensive error reporting allows early recognition of CBooks with problems in your library.

Automatic detection and renaming of wrong extension names of CBooks.

Mixed library of CBR, CBZ and PDF CBooks is possible.

The current version is bilingual (English and Dutch), but can be extended to other languages.


Hereafter an example of a CBook series menu voor Earth X.