Quick Guide

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Install the package by starting the installation program (ComicHtmlMenuBuilder_Setup.exe).
Select the root folder, I suggest a submap to get some experience, and accept the default settings.
All settings can be changed later.
The default settings are chosen that the existing library files will be not be changed.
Only html files and jpg covers images are to the folders.


After the installation you can start making the menus.


Double click on the Menu icon.
The first time a warning is shown that this can take a while.


The program is busy creating then menus and covers. A library of 3600 CBooks could take up to an hour.
This will be much faster later.
At the end your standard browser is started wit the main overview menu.


The normal workflow hereafter is as follows:

Start the windows explorer and select the folder which is changed (added, replaced or new CBook).
Drag the folder icon over the Menu icon and drop it there,

or double click on the Menu icon and select this folder in the dialog window.

Note: Some labels in this manual are in Dutch, but when installed on your PC these labels will be in your own local language.


A command window is opened, which shows the activities it is executing. When a a cover is outdated or not present a new one will be created.



After a short while an overview menu is presented.
Updating all menu for a collection of 3600 CBooks took about 15 seconds plus the time for covers. Creating a new cover costs about 1 second (therefore start small)


You can start reading the CBook by clicking on the cover. The first time the browser will ask to allow the start of the CBook reader. There are many more capabilities, but such an  explanation should not be a part of a quick guide.