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My Digital Photo Frame accepts a maximum of 512 files per folder. Can I change this

Use the settings from the program menu to change this value.

The photos of the 2 of my exported albums are mixed up. How is this possible and is there a solution

This is cause by the relative short name uses to store the photos in a folder on the digital photo frame. Change the maximum value to a higher value. Use the settings from the program menu to change this value.

Where can I find the exported photos by Picasa.

The answer can be found in the first dialog after the menu command to export the photo to an HTML file as described in the quick guide with the picture Examples of some choices.

The result on your PC can be different then as shown in the example.

Does there exist a German version.

Not at the moment. Translation is relative easy to perform.

Open with a text editor such as Notepad the file DigitalPhotosExporter.ini. See the first question for the location of this file.

Make a copy using copy and paste from  [English] to the end of the file and paste it at the end of the file.

Translate the English text after each equal sign (=)  in the newly copied part into German and when completed, change the heading [English] into [German]

For example


Error=Error ==> Error=Fehler

Warning=Warning ==> Warning=Warnung


and so on


The last thing to change to activate the  translation is changing the line containing Language=


Language=English ==> Language=German


Save the changes.


The next time that the program is started all the visible text is changed in whatever you have put after the equal signs.

On what operating system can I use the application.

The program is designed to run all Window operating systems which supports Picasa 3. The application is tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 32bit, Windows 7 RC1 32bit and 64bit. The application runs as a 32 bit application like Picasa 3. I assume that this program will also run on all Windows operating systems of the NT family, e.g. Windows 2000.

Sometimes the application seems frozen. What has happened.

This is a side effect of using the AutoIt 3 script language. You have the possibility to pause the script execution by clicking on the icon for DigitalPhotosExporter on the taskbar, which could happen unintentionally. The script will pause and this is indicated by a flashing cross through the icon on the right side of the taskbar. When you hover with the mouse pointer over this icon you see the tooltip text "(Paused) DigitalPhotosExporter.exe".

Right click on the icon and click on the text "Script paused". The application resumes its operation.