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Last year I found under the Christmas tree a digital photo frame from Samsung. Santa Claus had been friendly by putting a nice set of family photographs on it. The result was beautiful.


After all festivities I set myself behind my PC and started Picasa to check if there was an easy way to put a bunch of photos on this photo frame.


Well that appears to be easy. You create a new album (or use an existing one) and fill them with a nice worth seeing set of photos. When needed you drag some picture around to create a nice sequence. You review the result by starting a full screen slideshow on Picasa. When everything is as you have wished, you connect your digital photo frame to the  USB port of your PC and press on the "Export" icon. When asked you select the pixel width and some other settings and confirm by clicking "Ok". Depending on the number of pictures you have to wait for a while and then the moment of viewing is there.


The USB cable is disconnected from the digital photo frame and after some seconds the show starts. Nice pictures, but in a strange sequence. After some trial and error I discovered that all photos are displayed in alphanumeric sequence without regarding even the folders. All the effort for sequencing is lost.


Back to my PC and check the help support in Picasa. Unfortunately there appears no function to rename the images during the export. The batch feature renames the original files which is something I don't like.


Checking the internet. Many users had the same experience for many different reasons, but no real easy solution was provided. So there was nothing else then doing it by hand. That's not a real good solution.


After a while a friend of mine had also acquired a digital photo frame. His problems were identical.


To make a long story short. A hobby project was started to solve this problem and when you read this you are in possession of the  solution. A small utility which is easy to use will solve the problems described above.


The next topics describes how to use this utility Digital Photo Frame Exporter in combination with Picasa to send your albums to the photo frame and keeping them in the same order as in your album at the moment of transfer.


Install by running the setup and use the next pages as guide for the first time.


A lot of fun with the use of this program and I hope that Google will build some function like this in future version of Picasa.


Bob Niewold


Small print


This utility is copyrighted, but free to use for everybody. But I will not be responsible for the results and possible damage.


Because it is not used in many other situations it has a Beta status. When I get sufficient feedback that there are no errors (any more ;) then I will be remove the beta status in future releases.