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Renaming during transfer

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The file naming on the Digital Photo Frame

During  the creation of the photo files for exporting by Picasa normally a HTML or XML file is created. This application has added an additional template which is designed to create a simple XML file (index.xmt), which is used by the utility to send the created photo files to the Digital Photo Frame. This utility use the data in this file to select the photo files and give the copy a new name, which results in displaying the photos in same sequence as in the album on Picasa.


Most digital photo frames play them sorted in alphanumeric sequence. The new name is formed by using the album name (max 10 chars) followed by a dash(-) and number of 4 digits starting with 0001. In our example the first file will get the name Utrecht-0001.jpg

The photo files are copied in a folder under the root of the drive using the same base name followed by a dash and a 2 digit number. In our example Utrecht-01. When the maximum limit is reached (default 4000, the maximum in a folder what the Samsung SPF-85-H will display) an additional  folder is created with the next number ( i.e Utrecht-02 in our example). The numbering of the files is continued. (Utrecht-4001.jpg. in this example)


When we use the Windows explorer to inspect the result of this process, we see something as shown below.


Example of file names in the folder on the Digital Photo Frame. The view is sorted alphanumeric.

Example of file names in the folder on the Digital Photo Frame. The view is sorted alphanumeric.


The transfer of photos from Picasa to the Digital Photo Frame using the same album name.

In case we give the same name to a album we export from Picasa to the photo frame, all earlier files and folder for that name will be deleted. In our case when we use Utrecht again all files with starting with Utrecht- will be deleted and the folder Utrecht-01 through -99 too. Hereafter the new files will be copied as if it is the first time.


To avoid unintended removal of folders ending on -01, -02 ... -99 use a different ending. The best policy however is to give a different name in the first dialog of the HTML export. Because there is a strange effect that when there are duplicate names on the Samsung they are displayed after each other, even when they are in different folders.


In the example above an older folder Trans-Sumatra will never be deleted by this utility.