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Quick guide

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What is needed to use this utility

The requirements are the same as Picasa for Windows
It is recommended that Picasa 3 is installed before installing this utility.
To export the files a removable medium is expected e.g. an USB flash card or stick and of course an Digital Photo Frame, which behaves like an USB disk drive.



Run the DigitalPhotosFrameExport_Setup.exe program
The program is bilingual, Dutch and English, but I assume you will select English.
The further installation is default. (The documentation is based on the default choices).


The usage

Connect your Digital Photo Frame to your USB port (removable USB media is ok).
Start Picasa 3.
Select an Picasa album (or folder). Optional make photo selections (no selection means
all photos).


An example of  initial steps for exporting photos.

An example of initial steps for exporting photos.


Next we select from the menu Album->Exporter as HTML page, as shown below (So not Export button at the bottom on the toolbar).



Hereafter a dialog is shown about how the photos must be exported.


Examples of some choices

Examples of some choices

So far there is nothing new. The next window contains something new.



Click on Next>.
Then we see a Picasa dialog with a list of possible templates. In this case we select the added template Digital Photo Frame Export.



Click on Finish to start the export. Picasa will be busy for a while depending the number of photos, while saving the converted image files to the specified folder. When it has completed this task it automatically invokes this new utility.



The dialog of Digitial Photo Frame export utility

The dialog of Digitial Photo Frame export utility


Here we make a choice which exported album should be transferred and to which address (the Digital Photo Frame or USB medium). The caption on button Exit changes to Transfer when the selections are complete.  Optional select the random checkbox, which will randomize the photo before the transfer. When Transfer is pressed the utility is busy with the transfer until the message "The transfer is complete" is shown.
De image means that the selected album is just exported from Picasa. In all other cases the image is shown.


At the moment that the Digital Photo Frame is disconnected the new added (or replaced) photos can be viewed. The sequence will be in the same order as shown in the Picasa album (or folder) at the moment of export or random, when selected.